The first thing I need to tell you is that I'm pretty cute! I'm also very pretty, very well behaved and I'm the brains and inspiration behind Daisy Dog Vintage and Daisy Dog Vintage Fairs! I can't help being this gorgeous and smart - I was born like it. As you can see I was totally adorable at just 7 weeks old.

I'm 16 months old now and am being openly exploited by my adoptive parents, Candy and John, and their friends

I like dressing up, playing with my friends, going on holiday, chasing things, chewing things, barking, running in the bluebells and being famous.

My parents have said I can have this page on my website to share the pictures they take of me and what I've been up to. And I'd like you to share this page too!
Daisy Dog Vintage

The fun side of stardom!

As you can see here I am as a cover girl on my very own magazine!! Posing this for this was great fun and there are lots of different covers to choose from. Your hoomans could do one for you too! Tell them to download an app called "Cover Puppy". It's not expensive and a percentage of the proceeds go to animal charities - so we really approve of that, don't we!! Go on have some fun and be "front page" like me - and don't forget to send me the results for this page!!!
Cover Puppy Cover Puppy

My cover girl wardrobe!

I went on my first holiday to Cornwall when I was six months old. I was playing ball on the beach with a little girl who asked my dad why I was wearing a bandana. My dad told her I was a complete diva and had a different one for every day of the week!! The little girl was very excited and said that as she was on the beach with her family every day she would come and see which one I was wearing tommorrow!!!

How could I disappoint her? What followed was a mad dash to Perranporth poochwear to purchase more bandanas (yes one for every day!!) several of which were vintage fabric!! I liked wearing these soooooooo much that I now have a huge collection which, involves trailing round vintage fairs with my mum looking for new ones to suit my mood.
Daisy Bandanas